Wenlyn Screw Company is a cold heading company founded in 1969 manufacturing for the fastener industry. While we still have manufacturing capabilities, the thrust of our sales is toward OEM’s. We also offer direct mill importing as well as screw machining. Either way the success of this company is doing business the “old fashion” way. That is, help the customer with whatever they need, try and accommodate them the best we can, and most of all, being honest with the customer.


Ken Hudziak Sr. , President, has been with the company since 1977. He has been in every position in the company from engineering & design to purchasing & sales  and all others. He is grateful for all the education of the fastener industry he has received, stating- " I am thankful for the years of experience I have had & how much I learned throughout my career because it gives the customers & vendors a kind of one stop feel- even though I have my crew get involved, it's still exciting to get in all aspects of the business. That's what makes us different- knowing you have that hands on feeling when dealing with us."


Ken Hudziak Jr, Sales Manager, is a third generation in the fastener buisness, following in his father and grandfather's footsteps. He specializes is the sales and purchasing for the company now. Having worked at Wenlyn Screw part time since he has been 16 years of age, he already has a vast array of experience in the fastener industry. Hoping to keep up the high standards set and exceed them, he has his sights set on leading Wenlyn to a bright and prosperous future doing buisness just as those before him. By making customer service and satisfaction his  number one priority.


John Czarnik has been with Wenlyn Screw Company for 23 years now & in the fastener industry itself for close to 27 years. He is our warehouse manager that controls the shipping & receiving for all of your fastener needs. He also does our quality control, so you know you are getting exactly what you ordered with the assurance of the quality you need in the timely fashion that you want.


"That's what makes us different- knowing you have that hands on feeling when dealing with us."

Ken Hudziak Sr., Wenlyn Screw Company

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